Project Description

Ora Nicole Jewelry Line Sheet

Goal: Create a line sheet for Ora Nicole Jewelry to use at an upcoming Trade Show in Las Vegas to show to retailers.

Software used: InDesign, Photoshop

Experience: I was really pleased that Nicole, the owner, found my website in a Google search when trying to find someone to create a jewelry line sheet for her collection. We had an easy conversation about what was expected since I’ve already created line sheets for another jewelry designer in the past. I had a natural feel for what type of information to include in the product description: metal type, stone type, carat weight of stone. We communicated what type of information to put on the product pages such has header logo and the the information on the footer of each product page. I used the same font type that was on her website to stick to branding guidelines. I knew it was important to optimize the final PDF of the line sheet as most of these jewelry line sheets are sent to retail stores through email.

*Wholesale prices are blocked out and only viewable by retail stores*