Project Description

Susan Wheeler Design Lycée Ad

Goal: Create a High Resolution PDF 300 dpi 1/4 page advertisement in three days for Susan Wheeler Design to be in the Annual Soiée for Lycée Français de Chicago.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop

Specifications: 1/4 page, 3.75″ x 5″. Bleed 4.5″ x 5.75″

Experience: This was a short and fun design advertisement that I created while still freelancing for Susan Wheeler Design. The photo that I chose above was from a photoshoot that I initiated in Austin, Texas with a good friend of mine. I was excited to utilize some of these close up shots that were really perfect for small advertisements as the shot of this ring is the only thing in focus. With the surrounding area not in focus it was a perfect background to lay text over in this 1/4 page advertisement.

Date: 3/10/18