Project Description

Susan Wheeler Design Website

Goal: Create a website for Susan Wheeler Design that integrates social media platforms, supports blog posting, and handles 75+ products.

Software used: Shopify

Experience: This was my first time using Shopify to create a website and use it as a content management system. When I was researching which content management system to use, I wanted a system that had the most functionality already in place. I was thinking ahead and I wanted a system that would be easy for Susan to update herself eventually, and now she actually does it! Mission accomplished! It took a lot of practice to understand how to configure Shopify to look how I wanted it to. It took me about a week to completely upload all of Susan Wheeler Design’s products and edit all the images to have a consistent look and feel. The previous site was hosted on Squarespace. I utilized creating product types and tags to sort out different categories of jewelry. I configured the MailChimp email capture on the website so that we could start collecting emails for those who subscribe on the website. I updated the website with products and content to better communicate the Susan Wheeler Design brand.

I updated her Shopify theme in December of 2017 since the first time we launched. I wanted her new Shopify theme to have several call-to-action buttons on the homepage that would showcase her different collections. I noticed this a lot in other jewelry websites and I chose the categories that I thought would be most interesting and would leave customers wanted to know more about each category. Below, you’ll see images of the first Shopify theme we launched.

Previous Susan Wheeler Design Website: