Project Description

Walgreen’s Well Wishes Production

Goal: Convert all Illustrator files (from our Illustrator at Walgreen’s) to Photoshop templates that adhere to product specifications for Walgreen’s Photo products that are hosted on Site, Kiosk, and the Mobile App

Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Excel

Experience: After voicing to management that I had a lot of time on my hands and was looking for more of a challenge, I absorbed a Production Artist role into my responsibilities. I had never done any role like this before, especially at the volume for Walgreen’s Photo products. Well Wishes Productions refers to all of the Photo products from Walgreen’s that customers are able to customize with their own photos/text. I’m given an Illustrator file that I move around layers and then export the Illustrator file to Photoshop, following specific DPI settings for each type of product.

When I’ve exported the file to Photoshop, I create placeholder objects in every spot where a customer is able to insert their own photo/text. Each type of product has various dimension sizes, DPI settings, layers, and type of layers to be included. If there are multiple variations, such as color, of the same design, I’m able to automate the steps to format these templates by using ‘Actions’ in Photoshop.