Goal: Create a High Resolution PDF 300 dpi full page jewelry advertisement for Éclat International Magazine in two days.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop

Specifications: Full page, 8.5" x 11". Bleed 8.75 x 11.25

Experience: This was my first ever print ad that I created using Adobe Illustrator. I was very comfortable in creating this with with specifications given to me from the magazine because I knew how to stay within these specifications from my previous Intro to Visual Design class. Since I was creating an ad with just a single piece of jewelry I definitely wanted to use soft, neutral colors that really showed off the jewelry piece being featured. I used a gradient in Photoshop on the image of the jewelry piece being featured. In the given time from the research I did, I noticed a lot of ads having some sort of gradient and it gave it a really clean and luxurious look. The colors I picked coincided with Susan Wheeler Design's brand.

Viewable online at Éclat's Internation Magazine Summer 2015 Edition on page 52.