Link: Charles R. Henderson Elementary School


  • Create a standalone website that will give Charles R. Henderson Elementary stakeholders the accessibility of school and classroom information.
  • Offer Administrative staff a way to update current and upcoming events, post weekly newsletters, and update the lunch menus.
  • Allow teachers access to post classroom information such as important updates and homework assignments.
  • Choose a theme for the website that's mobile friendly since most of our demographic audience will be viewing the website on their phones

Software Used: WordPress and various WordPress Plugins.

Specifications: Only use WordPress for the site

Experience: This was a rewarding experience to be the 2nd lead role of team that created a website for a Chicago Public School. I was in a group of 6 and our task was to create a fully functioning website in a 10 week period. Some concerns we had were being limited to using only WordPress themes, but this ended up being in our advantage as we collaborated to create a more customizable theme by editing the PHP and CSS files. Another concern was creating custom rows and columns for certain pages. I found an essential WordPress plugin for our site called Page Builder that allowed us to create custom templates for pages on the site. We also made on-site visits to the school to capture photos of the staff and building to further enhance the website. Our clients were extremely happy with our work and I am in open communication with them in case they need help with the website.