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Goal: Create a mock website for a photographer who wants to create a photography website. The theme for the website is premium responsive with a slideshow in the header of theme. Create gallery views for each category of photogrpahy. Set up a contact page for inquiries about services, and various about pages for the photographer's work.

Experience: This was a final project for a Content Management Systems class. This project took me about 3 hours to complete. I created the gallery views using taxonomy features of Drupal. I also uploaded and enabled a custom module that on the site where the link says "Read + Display Price Info". I created various content types for different pages of the website. The toughest part about this project was create the view for all the links of the gallery pages. I was able to do this by creating a view that displays all the links and gallery images for the photographs.


Contributed Modules:

  • Chaos Tools Suite
  • Context
  • Views
  • Libraries API
  • Enitity API
  • Date
  • Link
  • CKEditor
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • DownloadFile
  • Adaptive Image Styles (ais)
  • Media
  • Rules
  • Iconizer
  • Scheduler
  • Simple Google Map
  • Image Link Formatter