Project Description

Walgreen’s Web Production

Goal: Optimize all images on the Walgreen’s website so that the site is more accessible for our customers

Software used: Photoshop

Experience: This is my main role at Walgreen’s as the Web Production Specialist. I have a pretty general high-level guidelines that I follow for optimizing images on the Walgreen’s website. Everything Desktop asset has to be under 100kb, including gifs. Every mobile slice has to be under 30kb. For small slots/tile sizes I always kept them under 50kb because there wasn’t a difference in quality from 90kb to under 50kb, but that could be a huge difference in how fast/accessible a web page is loaded when a customer is trying to access a certain page. So if lowering a file size didn’t affect the quality, I always tried to get it as low as I could. I understand why and how desktop heroes are right under 100kb because they’re large in dimensions and have different products/graphics in them.

I’ve always been consistent with how our naming convention has been since I first started this role. The Content Administration team depends on my consistency of naming files so that it’s easier to update images when they are working on pages with 500+ lines of code. If there are any new or special web pages launching, I’ll usually always work with the CA team to discuss what images they would need to build the page and how they need images so that I can help support their responsibilities the best that I can.