Format: Webinar Title: Discovering Your Secret Ingredient, Internships & You! Date: February 19th, 2016 Instructor: Alisha Pharr
  • Before the webinar started, Alisha had us complete this very insightful values assessment. The purpose of this assessment was to find out what we valued in a work environment. I learned that my two values for a work environment were achievement and recognition. I’m motivated by results that I can be proud of and like to be looked up to as a leader. You can take the same assessment I took and learn more about yourself by clicking here.
  • After taking the values assessments and discussing our results, Alisha talked about this job search resource called O Net. Most job search engines are what employers are looking for in candidates and I feel like this resource is definitely tailored to what people are looking for in jobs/careers. This is a great job search resource that will maximize earning potential and job satisfaction.
  • I also learned about this exciting online resource called Chicago Creative Space. We watched a video about the work environment of a company called Coyote. This workspace does not have cubicles and everyone shares the same walls for the most part. There’s videos of other companies on this site that share through video their creative workspace and why it’s so effective for them. Yet another resource for me to consider when seeing if a company will match needs of mine!
Before attending this webinar, I had always thought that since I was a student with not a lot of experience in my field that I should just apply to every single company hiring internship positions in my field and that I should be the one fitting into the mold of whatever position a company was wanting. Through attending this webinar, I feel more confident in my own values and I feel more empowered to find and apply to positions in places that better reflect my values. I realize that it’s not only better for me if I find a team to work with that matches my values, but it’s also better for the team I work with. The results of the value test really resonated with me and I completely agree that achievement and recognition are major values to me. I feel proud and part of a team when I can see tangible growth or success of any project that I’m working on.